Seventeen Fantastic Spring Preschool Activities that Are Super Easy to Set Up

Your preschooler will love learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more with these fun, hands-on spring preschool activities.

Spring is full of so much fun, like birds and insects, the weather and flowers. Why not include these fun things in engaging, hands-on spring preschool activities to develop skills in letters, numbers, patterns and more?

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What are some spring preschool activities kids enjoy?

If you’ve taken a walk with your preschooler, then you know that they love observing the world around them. They love seeing different plants and animals, noticing the weather, and enjoying the beauty of it all. Bring that excitement indoors by adding these things to activities that help develop preschool skills.

  • Literacy Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Art and Music
  • Nature Study
  • Spring Books

Literacy Skills (Learning Letters and Letter Sounds)

spring alphabet tracing
spring letter matching
spring alphabet sound matching

Literacy skills are very important for preschoolers to start developing. Now, you don’t need to worry about teaching preschoolers to read just yet. But you should introduce letters and letter sounds to them. The three main literacy skills your preschooler should be working on is identifying letters, learning letter sounds, and learning how to form letters.

Letter Formation

I set up three different activities for my preschooler that work on all three of these literacy skills. First, I created some letter tracing cards for both uppercase and lowercase letters. I laminated these, then hole punched the upper left-hand corner of each card and joined them with a ring clip.

Since they are laminated, my preschooler can use a dry erase marker over and over again to practice forming the letters. Preschoolers can also roll playdough snakes to form the letters or cover each letter with mini erasers. They also work well as a guide to create letters in salt trays.

Identifying Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Another important literacy skill is identifying letters. I created uppercase and lowercase letter cards along with a full sheet of the whole alphabet. You could also use letters from alphabet puzzles or magnetic letters and write out the alphabet on a sheet of paper.

There’s a variety of ways to create activities for identifying letters. I like to use sensory bins for my preschooler. I’ll add in some shredded paper and place the letters or letter cards on top or hidden underneath. My preschooler finds a letter and then covers the letter on the recording sheet. These sheets can be laminated, but I’ll just slide it into a pocket sheet protector so he can trace each letter with a dry erase marker. Sometimes he’ll cover the letters with a mini eraser instead.

Beginning Letter Sounds

An additional literacy skill for preschoolers is identifying letter sounds. A fun spring activity I created is matching alphabet letters on bird nest cards with bird eggs containing pictures of objects that begin with each alphabet letter. I just placed them in little bowls from the dollar store inside a tray. But these would also be fun in a sensory bin. Additionally, just the object cards could be used to match with wooden or magnetic letters.

Math Skills (Counting, Colors, Patterns and More)

spring number formation
spring number activities
spring skip counting puzzles

Math skills are also important preschool skills to develop for kindergarten. Some of these include identifying numbers (mostly 1-20), writing numbers, and counting to 20. Additional math skills that you may not realize are math include patterns, shapes, and colors. There are so many great preschool math activities to practice math skills in the spring.

Writing Numbers/Number Formation

Just like it’s important for preschoolers to practice writing letters, they also need to focus on number formation. One fun way to do this is with play dough. I created number mats for this. Once the cards are laminated, preschoolers can trace the numbers with dry erase markers or form the numbers using play dough. Additionally, they can form little ladybugs with red play dough or use mini erasers to show the amount on the leaf.

Identifying Numbers

Along with forming numbers, preschoolers should be able to recognize numbers and how much they represent. A fun way to do this is with number cards. In my spring preschool activities resource, I created number cards and bird cards that represent those numbers. I also created some cover up sheets to go with them.

Preschoolers can use this resource in several ways. One way is to simply match the number cards with the correct amount in the bird cards. Instead of the cards, your preschooler will also enjoy matching wooden or magnetic numbers along with objects in that amount. These are great to add to a sensory bin.

Additionally, your child could use the cover up number sheets. They could pull a card and mark the number with a dry erase marker, mini eraser, or small ball of play dough. The recording sheet is also available in black and white, so your preschooler could color the correct number or use a dauber to cover it.

Counting to 20 and Skip Counting

A final number activity for spring is using puzzles to practice counting. These number puzzles use fun spring pictures to help preschoolers count from 1-10 or 11-20. They can also practice skip counting by 5s or 10s.

spring color matching puzzles
creating spring patterns

Color Matching

Math skills for preschoolers to develop also include recognizing and identifying colors. Puzzles with spring items to match is a fun activity to practice this skill in the spring. Additionally, children can use colored objects around the house to place on each picture too.

Creating Patterns

A skill that can be challenging for preschoolers is creating and finishing patterns. I created pattern cards that match spring wooden pieces I found at Hobby Lobby. I put the wooden objects in a spring sensory bin along with the pattern cards. My preschooler pulls out the wooden pieces that finish the pattern, or he creates his own patterns using the blank pattern cards.

Art and Music for Preschoolers

Learning about fine arts is also fun for preschoolers. My preschooler loves art of any kind. He especially enjoys painting with watercolors or acrylics and creating art with chalk pastels. Sometimes he’ll paint what the older kids are learning about, other times he’ll just paint whatever he feels like making. He especially loves the preschool chalk pastel video lessons from You Are an Artist. Nana is a lively teacher in these lessons, which help preschoolers learn colors, how to follow directions, and practice fine motor development.

Preschoolers also love music. We’ve been enjoying Clap for Classics! membership for a year now. Their All Access Membership includes all of their video courses, plus weekly live online lessons and fun bonuses like an online birthday lesson during your child’s birthday month. My preschooler knows so much about musical instruments and composers now, and he loves participating in the weekly class every Tuesday morning. If you’re one of my Instagram followers, you’ve probably seen many pictures of him enjoying class. Their spring lessons inside the Four Seasons and More curriculum is perfect as part of your preschooler’s spring activities.

Spring Nature Study for Preschoolers

Another important skill for preschoolers is learning about the outside world. Nature study is a perfect way to do that. With preschoolers, nature study doesn’t have to be super involved. Simply walking outside is a great way to introduce them to insects, plants and the weather. Reading books about nature is another fun way to help your child learn about many nature topics. You’ll find so many ideas for fun spring nature studies, including learning about plants and flowers, insects and more. My preschooler loves birds, so in the spring we’ll learn about bird nests and eggs in a spring bird study.

Spring Books Perfect for Read Alouds

Preschoolers love listening to stories, so reading spring books to your child is a wonderful spring activity for preschoolers. These books can be part of a spring nature study, or they can just be a fun book to read in spring.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring by Kenard Pak is a great nonfiction book to learn about changes as winter turns to spring. We have these books for each season. I really like the illustrations in this book.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle is one of many books about seeds that are great for preschoolers. Eric Carle is one of my favorite children’s book authors, so we have lots of his books in our home. This book is great for explaining seed dispersal.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner shows little ones what’s going on under their feet. The book explains what is happening in the garden and also shows all of the insects and things going on inside the dirt. It’s a great book to read in spring, especially before you plant a garden.

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston is one of several books likes this that I love reading to my preschooler. In this book, the author explains what is happening inside an egg. Lots of pictures are included showing different sizes and colors of eggs. We also enjoy other books, including A Nest is Noisy and A Seed is Sleepy, that would be good to read in spring.

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons is a very informative book explaining the life cycle of a plant. Gail Gibbons is another favorite author of mine, so I grab her books whenever I can. Not only are her books wonderful for preschoolers, but they contain so much information that they can be enjoyed by kids for years to come.

Are You a Butterfly? by Judy Allen is one of the books in the Backyard Books series. I love these books because the illustrations are wonderful. Plus these books are so informative in a conversational tone. They describe the topic so well, such as a butterfly’s life cycle and what it eats in this book. This is another series that I like to get as many of as I can.

I could go on and on with spring books we love. Using books is a wonderful way to teach children, second to first-hand experiences. Grab fiction and nonfiction children’s books about a wide variety of spring topics when you can at garage sales, thrift stores, or buy new. Borrowing books from the library is a great way to read a lot of spring books, but having some on hand at home too is always good.

spring learning activities

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy fun books, nature, music, and art with your preschooler. It’s also a great topic to add into activities to develop literacy and math skills. Creating hands-on spring preschool activities is an engaging way to practice preschool skills while having fun and enjoying what spring has to offer.

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