Fun Preschool Bird Activities for a Spring Bird Nature Study

Explore nature this spring with hands-on preschool bird activities in a fun bird study for preschoolers!

“Mommy, the birds are talking to each other!”

your preschooler cries with excitement.

Does your preschooler love to watch birds as they hunt for food in your yard? Do they squeal with delight when they hear birds chirping in the spring?

If your child enjoys seeing and listening to the birds around them, then a spring bird nature study is something they’ll really love!

Nature studies with preschoolers are easy and fun to put together. To begin, read below to find activities and books that your preschooler will love. A spring bird nature study will be a fun experience with memories for you both to enjoy!

Preschool Bird Nature Study

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Studying nature with preschoolers is a fun and important activity to do. Little ones love nature! Everything is so new to them, and they can see the beauty and awesomeness in the natural world around them. Spring is a wonderful time to learn about birds as part of a spring nature study.

In our family, my little guy tags along for much of our homeschool day, including nature study. It works well since nature can be enjoyed by kids of all ages at their level. However, even though I did a spring bird nature study with my elementary age children too, my 3-year-old had a chance to enjoy some preschool bird activities just for him as well.

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Spring Bird Study Ideas for Preschoolers

I loosely follow the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum for our nature studies. This curriculum is so flexible that I can use it with my preschooler on up to my middle schooler! Each weekly study gives background on the subject, a nature walk activity, books about the topic, a poem and art related to the topic, and extension activities for further learning.

Spring Bird Nature Walk

bird in nest

First of all, we try to take a nature walk at least once a week, if we can. Being able to spend time in local parks, walking around and observing is great. However, nature walks don’t have to be lengthy or super involved to be effective. A simple walk around your yard or neighborhood works well too, especially for studying birds.

With my preschooler, we walked around our property to look for birds. I showed him how to walk slowly and be extra quiet so that we wouldn’t scare the birds away. We looked for nests in the trees. When we did see a bird, we stopped to watch it until it flew away.

Spring Bird Activities for Preschoolers

>>Grab bird-themed activity cards for your preschooler.<<

Bird Watching

bird nature walk

One of the best preschool bird activities is also one of the easiest and cheapest: observe them! Bird watching is a great activity for any age, and preschoolers simply love it. In addition, this activity can be done indoors or outside. You can just have your youngster notice what the birds are doing, or you can get them more involved and draw pictures of what they see.

To enhance this activity, sit with your child while they bird watch. You can point out the different parts of a bird, how they eat or fly. Point out the color of the bird, and mention what kind of bird it is, if you know.

Bird Feeders

Being able to observe birds is easier when you have bird feeders nearby to encourage them to your yard. Preschoolers love helping fill bird feeders, so that’s another activity you can do with them. You could have your little one make a bird feeder, or just buy one and fill it with seed.

Additionally, if you have orioles or hummingbirds nearby, you could set up nectar for them. Orioles love oranges, so you can also set orange halves outside for them.

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Preschool Sensory Activities about Birds and Nests

Bird Nest Sensory Bin
bird nest sensory bin for preschooler

A bird nest sensory bin is so simple to create, yet allows lots of fun for your preschooler! I found the nests, eggs, and shredded paper at Hobby Lobby in their Easter/spring section. Since I create sensory bins for my preschooler quite often, I also have a supply of fun tongs and scoops for him to use, so I added one of tongs as well.

He loves to pick up the eggs with the tongs and place them in the nests. For extended learning, I’ve had him count the number of eggs in each nest. He also sometimes separates each nest by color. These eggs are small and can be choking hazards, so be sure to sit with your child if he/she still places items in the mouth. Spring sensory bins make great independent learning activities for preschoolers.

Creating a Nest with Natural Materials

After seeing some bird nests in a couple of our trees, my preschooler wanted to pretend to make his own like the birds. So we gathered some twigs we found on the ground, grass, and a little mud from a recent rain. After his nest was built, my little guy added a few rocks as “eggs” for it.

Include the Sense of Hearing

Sensory activities don’t just have to be hands-on activities. Your preschooler will love listening to these 10 pieces of classical music that were inspired by birds. They may enjoy listening to these while coloring/drawing birds, while playing in their bird nest sensory bin. What a wonderful way to introduce your little one to music appreciation!

You may also enjoy a seasonal music course from Clap for Classics. The Four Seasons: Music and More curriculum is perfect for preschoolers and includes additional video lessons in poetry, STEM, and art.

spring learning activities

Bird Books for Preschoolers

So many wonderful bird books for preschoolers are out there that I couldn’t use them all. But the ones below are what we used for our preschool bird study.

A Nest Full of Eggs is a wonderful read aloud for your preschooler. They’ll love looking at the illustrations on each page as you read.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? is a book about the different calls birds make. The simple text is easy for preschoolers to follow. Plus, it’s fun to have them try to make the sounds themselves on each page.

This is the Nest that Robin Built shows all of the animals who helped create the perfect materials for a robin to build its nest. In addition, the illustrations are fun and make the book look textured.

Birds is a great book for preschoolers. The text is simple and the illustrations are bright. This book can be a great review for colors, size, and counting.

A Nest is Noisy is a little advanced for a preschooler, and it doesn’t just show bird nests, but nests of many animals. However, it’s still a wonderful addition to a bird study. Your little one will love the illustrations. This is a book you may want to read in several sittings, or skip anything mentioned that isn’t a bird for a quicker read.

An Egg is Quiet is by the same author and illustrator as the previous book, and it has beautiful illustrations as well. This book is an easier read. It goes into detail on the different colors, shapes, and sizes of bird eggs. Also, it shows the development of a bird in the egg.

Mama Builds a Little Nest is a cute book that makes a great read aloud. Additionally, you can share more detail about how each bird makes its nest with the information under each bird’s picture throughout the book.

Preschool Bird Study

To sum up, a spring bird study with your preschooler is a fun and engaging way to learn about birds. Your preschooler will love the books about birds and bird nests you read. Hands-on preschool bird activities will delight your little one. Listening to birds chirp during your nature walk and seeing them in their habitat will teach them so much through observation. The sensory activities about birds and other bird-themed activities will be welcomed with excitement. Be sure to take the time to help your preschooler learn about spring birds.

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