How Online Technology Classes Can Help Teach Computer Skills

As a busy homeschool parent, you may not know where to start when teaching your kids computer skills. MYTEK LAB can help with their online technology classes taught by a knowledgeable instructor.

Technology Education is something that I put on the back burner in our homeschool for a long time. First it was because the kids were young. Then it was because I just didn’t know how or what to teach them. I’m computer literate, but definitely no expert by any means. I had no idea where to even start looking to help my kids learn computer skills.

Mytek Lab Online Technology Classes

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Importance of Technology Education

When my kids were little, I focused so much on helping them learn to read, write, and do math. It didn’t really dawn on me to look into technology education too. It wasn’t until my kids started reaching middle school age that I realized they could use computer skills beyond typing instruction.

The problem was that I had no idea where to start. I didn’t know what types of computer skills my kids needed to learn, much less how to teach them. I’m so glad I found MYTEK LAB online technology classes. Outsourcing with online classes is a great way to help your kids learn important skills when you can’t teach them yourself.

MYTEK LAB offers classes for children in grades 3-12. The skills start basic and get more advanced in each level. The classes are taught by an instructor with lots of computer technology experience, who knows exactly what skills to teach and how to teach them.

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MYTEK LAB Online Coding Classes

My oldest son is currently in eighth grade and has a big interest in developing computer skills. Last year he enjoyed MYTEK LAB’s TEKnology Lab level 1 classes so much that he wanted to move on to the next level this year.

Level two teaches many of the same concepts learned in the level one course, but at a deeper level. Level two also moves into actual coding instead of just the block coding from level one. My son is most excited about learning more Robotics. He loved that project in the previous level’s course.

Topics covered in TEKnology Lab level 2 include:

  • Web Design II
  • JavaScript Programming I
  • VR Development II
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing II
  • 2D Game art II
  • 3D Game Development I
  • Linux Introduction I
  • Robotics II
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Technology Education with Hands-On Learning

My son, like many children, learns best through hands-on activities. Hands-on learning keeps him focused as he has to concentrate on what he’s doing. He appreciates having the instructor there step-by-step for each lesson. As he completes assignments, he’ll watch the recorded lesson on another computer next to him. This makes it easier to pause or rewind if he has difficulty. He’s so proud of what he creates and the knowledge he gains through each lesson.

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Benefits of Online Technology Classes

The online technology classes offered through MYTEK LAB have many benefits. One of the biggest benefits for me is having someone knowledgeable about technology teach my son computer skills. Online homeschool classes are great at helping teach subjects you don’t feel comfortable teaching yourself. The classes meet live once a week, but they are also recorded in case you can’t attend live.

I appreciate the communication given as well. Each week, we get a reminder 15 minutes before class begins. We homeschoolers have so much fighting for our attention that sometimes things slip our minds. Emails are also sent out once the recordings from the live classes are available. Another email is sent as a reminder for the weekly live help class too.

My son loves the classes. He likes the instructor, Stephen, and how much he interacts with the students. Stephen, or Mr. Mytek as many kids call him, and his wife chat with the kids as they log in before class begins. He also offers chances throughout class for the kids to ask questions. My son can attend the weekly help sessions if he’s stuck on an assignment. He always gets great feedback on his assignments when they are graded. MYTEK LAB has been a very positive experience for my son.

Interested in Learning More about MYTEK LAB’s Online Technology Classes?

If you have a 3rd-12th grader who would benefit from online technology classes, you can first set up a free parent account. This account makes registering your children for class simple to do. Look through their class schedule to see what technology skills you’d like your kids to learn. As a busy homeschool parent, it’ll make your hectic schedule a little less crazy to let someone else help you with technology education.

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