How to Use Online Math Curriculum to Teach the Whole Family

Online math curriculum helps you homeschool all of your children no matter how they learn best. Read below to find out how to use online math courses to adapt to a variety of learning styles.

If you are teaching more than one child, chances are you may be teaching children who learn best through different ways.

For example, your daughter may learn best visually while your son thrives with hands-on learning.

Did you realize that you can use online math curriculum to teach different learning styles?

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How to Use an Online Math Curriculum with Different Learning Styles

When we began homeschooling, I chose a math curriculum that utilized textbooks. I loved teaching math as a teacher in a local school and loved teaching it when we began homeschooling. However, as my children got older the math lessons began taking much more time in our days.

These long lessons began frustrating all of us. I felt like I spent the entire day teaching math. My kids often had to wait for my help if they had questions because I likely was teaching a sibling. Eventually we decided to give online math curriculum a try.

Once we found CTCMath, we didn’t dread math lessons anymore. Our days became easier as all of the kids could work on math at the same time. I had time to help as needed. I quickly noticed that online math worked well for all of my kids, even though they learned differently.

Thanks to the CTCMath Homeschool Membership, all of my children can use the program, with lessons from kindergarten to calculus, for one low yearly cost. This is such a great benefit when you have several children in different levels.

Hands-On Learning with Online Math Curriculum

My youngest learns best through hands-on activities, so he often uses manipulatives with his lessons. For example, I gave him a bowl of mini erasers when he began addition lessons in kindergarten. He read the problem on the screen and then counted out the correct amount of erasers. He added them together and then typed in the answer. Hands-on learning can take place even when working online.

The lessons also offer hands-on learning on the screen in the younger levels. For example, in kindergarten lessons on the number line, children can move an object on the number line by touching it and moving it on the screen. In counting lessons, objects are available for children to grab and place on the screen as they are counting them. Whether on the screen or using items in their hands, children get a hands-on learning experience in these lessons.

Online Math Curriculum for Visual Learners

Online learning also works very well for visual learners. My oldest really likes watching the video tutorials each day. They are short and right to the point, which works very well for children with ADHD. Examples of the day’s concepts are broken down into manageable pieces and worked out step-by-step for the children to view. Plus they can go back to the video lessons as often as necessary as they work on the daily problems.

My oldest also likes to keep a notebook next to him so he can write out the problems himself. Occasionally I may print out a summary of the day’s lesson, especially if it contains formulas for concepts like area and volume. When extra help is needed, worksheets can be printed out for more practice. Visual learners will really enjoy an online math curriculum like CTCMath.

Auditory Learners and Online Math Courses

Auditory learners will also appreciate the daily video tutorials in an online math class. They can go back to lessons as needed and listen to the step-by-step instruction until it makes sense. Younger children can also have each problem read to them throughout the lesson. This is especially helpful for those who are not yet strong in reading.

Additional Ways to Use Online Math Courses in the Homeschool

Most children are not just one type of learner, but they learn best with a combination of the above techniques. Online math programs like CTCMath Homeschool Membership offer children a multi-sensory approach to learning. Children can listen to the video tutorials as they watch the step-by-step examples worked out on the screen. Hands-on learning can be included with the use of manipulatives and writing problems out on paper. An added benefit is that homeschool parents are available to help as needed since they aren’t busy teaching the lessons.

CTCMath offers simple, manageable lessons for children of various skills levels. Homeschool parents can tailor the program to each of their children’s needs, ensuring that all are challenged and engaged no matter their ability.

How Can I Tell if CTCMath is Best for Our Homeschool?

Online math curriculum is a great learning method, but it’s not for everyone. Luckily, CTCMath offers a free trial so you can give it a try before you commit. You and your children can give it a try and see how this approach works well for many families.

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