What is CTC? Online Math Program for Your Homeschool

What is CTC? This online math program is perfect for busy families who need a math curriculum that is easy to use for the entire family.

CTCMath Online Math Program for Your Homeschool

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Math is a subject that can take up a lot of time in a homeschool day.

Time is needed to plan what lessons to teach each day. Math requires time for you to teach each lesson to your children everyday. Then your children spend time working on the day’s problems before you grade the work.

All of this time adds up to a good amount of your school day spent with math.

Spending time working on math isn’t a bad thing. It’s a very important subject that requires daily practice.

However, finding enough time in your homeschool schedule can get overwhelming, especially when you teach multiple ages.

An online math program like CTCMath may be just what your homeschool needs.

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What is CTC?

You may be wondering, what is CTC exactly? It’s an online math program for grades K-12. Membership includes access to all of their math levels for twelve months. This helps families whose children need a little remedial boost for certain concepts, as well as families whose children need more of a challenge. You’ll find math curriculum options for a single homeschooler or an entire family membership.

In this program, children work on assigned tasks you create for them through video lessons and online questions. The videos for each lesson are short and easy to follow, and the questions reinforce the concepts taught in them using a mastery-based approach. Parents can choose to create question banks to test students on what they’ve learned. CTCMath also offers diagnostic tests of concepts. Apart from the lessons, children can do speed skills that test how quickly they can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They’ll really enjoy the times tables game to practice multiplication.

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Benefits of CTCMath

We enjoy many different aspects of CTCMath.

  • CTCMath saves our family so much time! I spend just a few minutes each week creating a task for each child of lessons for the week. Plus I don’t have to find uninterrupted time each day to teach math lessons to each child because the lessons are all online. This program has simplified our homeschool day.
  • CTCMath is easy to use for both parents and students. I can easily set up the weekly tasks for my children and check on their progress. My children have no problems logging into the program and starting the day’s lesson by themselves.
  • I’m able to customize math lessons for each of my children. CTCMath allows me to choose if I’d like my children to achieve a particular passing grade for each lesson. I can also choose lessons from any level, which is great for reviewing material or moving ahead.
  • The lessons with CTCMath are short. This is beneficial for several reasons. First, children who struggle with math will not be overwhelmed. Shorter videos make it easier to go back and watch the lessons again. Children with ADHD will also appreciate shorter lessons as it will help them stay focused with less distraction. Finally, children advanced in math can double up on lessons or use the online math program as a supplement to another math curriculum.
  • CTCMath offers a free trial! Your family can try this online math learning out for yourself risk-free. Not only that, but it’s also an affordable program. They offer a yearly membership price for just one student, but for more than one student, you can choose a family membership for all of your children. This makes your math curriculum for the year very affordable, especially since they offer a half-price discount for homeschoolers!
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What is CTC to Our Homeschool?

We’ve been using CTCMath’s Homeschool Family membership for several years now. My youngest is doing the Kindergarten level this year. I’m taking the lessons slowly with him as I often have him do lessons over again once or twice. I also have him work on hands-on math activities using manipulatives and games in addition to the online math learning.

My oldest son started homeschooling high school this year and is in the Algebra level. Math has never been his strongest subject, but thanks to the short, easy-to-follow lessons with CTCMath, he’s doing very well this year. He especially likes the new mastery level addition to the lessons. With this, students earn stars at the top of their lesson box as they continue to answer questions correctly. He often chooses to continue answering more questions to earn more stars, even after he’s received his passing grade for the lesson. I think that is huge for someone who has never been fond of math! It’s a wonderful motivator for kids to practice math and a great addition to this online math program.

As the homeschool parent to three boys at very different levels of learning, I appreciate the online aspect of this program. It’s much less overwhelming to walk around and help as needed while my boys work on their math lessons. They can put in headphones to listen to the video lessons so they don’t interrupt others working in the room. It’s been such a better fit for our family to use this online math program instead of me trying to teach each child their individual lessons each day.

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What is CTC? This online math program takes math instruction online. CTCMath works great for busy families and larger families as the homeschool parent doesn’t have to find time to teach each child individually. It’s a great program for kids who need short, focused lessons. Whether students need more remediation, more challenge, or are right on track for their levels, they’ll get the math instruction they need with CTCMath.

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