The Best Nature Gifts for Kids who Love to Explore Nature

Find perfect nature gifts for kids to explore nature through nature study and hiking. These nature supplies are perfect for the nature-loving kids in your life.

Do your kids love to be out in nature? The fresh air tickling their faces, birds singing high in the trees, bright flowers just waiting to be picked…they draw children outside.

If you have a nature lover in your house, then you know they could spend hours and hours in the great outdoors. Help them enjoy it more with the right nature supplies. Nature supplies make great gifts for kids, too!

Nature Gifts for Kids

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Kids and nature go hand in hand. Kids love to learn about the world around them. If you homeschool, it’s easy to incorporate nature study into your day. However, anyone can do nature study, wherever your kids do school, even if they aren’t old enough to attend yet. It’s also fun to take your kids hiking. The right supplies will help make time out in nature more enjoyable.

The Best Nature Gifts for Kids

Hiking Gear for Kids

When you first begin hiking with kids, you won’t need a lot of special supplies. However, if you find that your family enjoys it and begins to hike quite often, then quality gear is a good investment. You’ll also love to know that hiking gear makes perfect nature gifts for kids who love to hike.

Hiking Boots: These hiking boots for older kids and these hiking boots are great for toddlers and preschoolers to wear while hiking.

Hiking Backpack: If you plan to do a good amount of hiking with your children, a hiking backpack for older kids to carry is a must. These backpacks hold a large amount of items and are quite comfortable to wear. You can use them to carry water and snacks, journal supplies and more.

Hiking Sticks: Another great item to have for families who hike often are hiking sticks. These walking sticks fold compactly and can be slid into the side of the backpacks when not in use. They are especially good for hills and uneven terrain.

Water Bottles: Water bottles are good to bring along for any length of hike, but essential for longer hikes. They can easily be stored in backpacks.

Lunchbox: A lunchbox is a great item to pack for longer hikes. These Yumboxes have tight seals (make sure to get the Originals), which make them perfect for hiking backpacks. They come in lots of fun colors as well!

Nature Gifts that Help Kids Observe Nature

When your kids are enjoying nature, these items will help them with their observations and explorations.

Binoculars: Binoculars are great to observe birds and other widlife from a distance. These will easily fit in a hiking backpack.

Magnifying Glass: A magnifying glass will make it easier to examine plants and insects.

Pocket Microscope: This pocket microscope allows you to see objects up close while on nature walks or out hiking.

Bug Box: A bug box will allow your children to observe their findings a little longer.

Flower Press Kit: A flower press kit is great for preserving flowers found during nature walks. Kids can also use the pressed flowers for crafts.

Outdoor Explorer Kit: This outdoor explorer kit is a great starter set for your little nature explorer.

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Supplies for Nature Journals

Whether hiking through national parks or enjoying one’s backyard, nature journals are fun to keep. They can be part of a homeschool nature study time or just kept for fun.

Nature Journals: Nature Journals can easily be made with a blank sketchbook. I like these because the pages are a little thicker, which can be used with light watercolor.

Watercolor Paint: This watercolor paint set is inexpensive and has a good variety of colors. Great for journals and nature drawings!

Pocket-Sized Watercolor Paint Pans: These pocket-sized watercolor pans make journaling on the go easy.

Paintbrushes: A variety of paintbrush sizes is good to have when painting nature items.

Watercolor Brush Pens: Watercolor Brush Pens are another choice for journaling on the go. They travel well and can also be used at home.

Nature Drawing: The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling is a very thorough book to learn how to draw items from nature. It’s a great book for kids and adults!

Nature Books

When you study nature, it’s good to have a variety of nature books for kids to use on hand. Field guides and non-fiction picture books teach children about what they observe in nature and make great nature gifts for kids.

Field Guides

Peterson Field Guides: The Peterson field guides are great to keep at home or to throw in a hiking backpack. They have a good variety of topics such as birds, mammals and wildflowers.

Smithsonian Field Guides: The DK Smithsonian field guides are also good for nature study. They are a little larger than the Peterson guides, but very informative.

Nature Books

Take Along Guides: These take along guides can be taken on nature walks. My kids like reading them at home though. There are lots of topics available in these guides.

Nature Anatomy: Every home with nature lovers should have Nature Anatomy. It’s that good! We use this book in all of our nature studies.

Nature Books for Kids: A Seed is Sleepy is one of several books about nature by this author. The illustrations are beautiful.

Gail Gibbons books: The books by Gail Gibbons are perfect for nature studies. She has books on lots of topics and the pictures draw the kids in.

Jim Arnosky books: Jim Arnosky is another author of wonderful children’s books about nature.

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Nature Games

Along with nature books, kids will love learning about nature through games! Nature games for kids make wonderful nature gifts for kids to enjoy.

Matching Games: Nature matching games are a fun way to learn through play.

Nature Bingo: Nature bingo games, like this bird bingo, help kids learn about nature.

Card Games: This Flower Families game is a beautiful way to play Go Fish.

Yahtzee: Play Yahtzee with a twist with this National Parks Yahtzee game.

Nature Supplies for Kids

Nature can be enjoyed in so many ways. Indoors through games and books or outdoors through hikes and observation, kids will appreciate the world around them. Help your kids get more out of their nature studies with the best supplies. Nature supplies like hiking gear, nature books, and nature games are perfect nature gifts for kids.

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