Homeschool Science Made Easy with College Prep Science Class Online

Don’t stress about teaching physics to your middle school student. With homeschool science class online, College Prep Science makes learning physics easy for your fourth through seventh grader.

Science is a subject I was happy to defer to my husband when we started homeschooling. He was a science major in college and loves science.

But as the kids get older and the science classes more involved, much of the science teaching falls on me.

However, I’ve found through my years of homeschooling that I don’t have to do it all myself. Online classes have been a wonderful addition to our homeschool curriculum. College Prep Science teaches homeschool science class online so I don’t have to do it all myself.

Homeschool Science Made Easy with Online Classes by College Prep Science

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Science is a subject that can be hard to grasp as children get older and into more specific classes, like chemistry and physics. Physics especially can be quite abstract, which can be difficult for some upper elementary into middle school age children. It’s good to have a teacher who can explain it on their level.

Greg Landry is able to do just that in his Young Scientist Physics class through College Prep Science.

How College Prep Science Teaches Homeschool Science Class Online

Young Scientist Physics is a self-paced, homeschool science class online designed for kids in 4th-7th grades. The thirteen classes are accessed through Canvas and each video lesson is around 20-30 minutes long. Each self-paced course offered is meant to be a semester long, but you get access to it for a full school year.

We’ve enjoyed learning about the various physics topics in this course. In the Young Scientist Physics course, you’ll find lessons on:

  • note-taking and study skills
  • measurement
  • scientific method
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • atoms and matter
  • velocity and speed
  • temperature and heat
  • sound
  • light
  • electricity
  • magnetism

The Young Scientist classes are a perfect introduction to the rest of the courses offered through College Prep Science. A variety of science and math courses, both live and self-paced, are available for students in grades 4-12. Additional courses offered include Interactive Virtual labs for grades 6-12 and ACT Prep for grades 8-12.

Not only that, but you can also receive freebies offered from College Prep Science. You can check out the new virtual, interactive science labs, find out keys to teaching science and mistakes to avoid. Your kids will love the student infographic lessons and printable worksheets.

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Benefits of Doing Homeschool Science Class Online

The self-paced Young Scientist Physics course is extremely easy and user-friendly. Few materials are needed; students are encouraged to have colored pencils and a binder for the study guide. The study guide that comes with the course is easily printed to add to the student binder. Homeschool parents need to simply print the study guide pages for each lesson and turn on the video.

The short lessons are very easy to follow. Greg Landry, the instructor, does a wonderful job breaking down the information in a way that makes sense for the kids. Depending on the age and ability of your kids, the video lesson may be all you do each week. Alternatively, you may want to add related activities to the week’s lesson.

How We Use College Prep Science: Young Scientist Physics in Our Homeschool

My 5th and 7th graders enjoy the Young Scientist Physics course. We decided to do all of our science lesson one day a week. On that day, we watch the video together. The boys keep their study guide binders open so they can follow along with the video and write down any notes. After the video, we discuss the topic presented while the boys write down information they found important. Then they share what they wrote to teach the rest of us about the topic. This is suggested in the study skills lesson at the beginning of the course. Occasionally we add in additional activities pertaining to that week’s lesson.

Another idea for shorter lessons is to split the lesson up over two or three days per week. Students watch the video or part of it on the first day. A second day gives children time to finish the video if needed, write down notes, and share what has been learned. A third day allows time for related activities. Additionally, you can read related picture books.

What We Love about Young Scientist Physics Homeschool Science Online Class

We’ve really enjoyed the Young Scientist Physics course offered through College Prep Science. We’ve found many benefits of this homeschool science class online:

  • Classes are taught by an instructor with over 20 years experience teaching science to children.
  • Pre-recorded classes offer flexibility to include them in your homeschool schedule at a convenient time.
  • Even though the course is one semester in length, you get access for a full school year.
  • Note-taking and study skills are taught at the beginning of the course.
  • The information is presented in a way that 4th-7th grade students can understand.
  • The recorded video is easily paused to explain or discuss concepts taught or to allow students to fill in their study guides.
  • The printable study guide allows students to easily follow along with the video.
  • The study guide and course are great for visual and auditory learners.
  • Few materials are necessary, just some colored pencils and a binder for the study guide or other notes.
  • The wider age range makes it easy to homeschool multiple ages of children close together.
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Check out 5 Reasons I Love Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Courses.

We may be homeschooling our children, but that doesn’t mean that we have to teach every class ourselves. College Prep Science offers live and self-paced online homeschool science courses for upper elementary through high school students. Online classes are a great option for parents who work outside of the home and don’t have time to teach every subject themselves. They are also helpful for parents who don’t feel comfortable teaching a certain subject, especially once children reach high school age. Online classes also help out parents of multiple children, who may be combined to take them together. Check out College Prep Science today and see which courses fit your family’s needs.

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