How to Use Interactive Coding Games for Kids to Teach Important Technology Skills

Technology is an important part of educational skills your kids need to develop. Find out how to use coding games for kids to teach kids coding skills they need to know.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are basic skills that are important for all children to learn. However, more and more, different aspects of technology are becoming necessary skills for children to develop as well. One way to help kids learn coding skills is through fun and interactive games. Kids love playing games, which make coding games for kids the perfect way for kids to practice coding.

How to Use Coding Games for Kids to Teach Technology with Fun

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Kids learn most by doing and they enjoy hands-on activities. Additionally, children love games. We often begin our homeschool day with a quick game to get brains ready for learning. Family game nights are also frequently enjoyed in our home. When teaching kids, using games is an effective way to help them develop math, literacy, and problem-solving skills.

Teaching computer skills is no different. Many children new to coding and programming may not be familiar with the technological concepts and terminology. Teaching through games with which they are already familiar makes it easier for kids to understand the new information. CodaKid, an online coding platform, uses engaging games and more to teach children real programming languages.

As an online content creator myself, I know that it’s important for my kids to be familiar with computers and computer programming. I want them to understand and recognize computer languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more. With how quickly online technology has exploded in my lifetime, I think it’s going to be an absolute necessity for my kids to know their way around a computer in the future.

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Coding Games for Kids

Luckily, when it comes to coding for kids, you can find options to suit your needs. For my family, I know I need online classes that offer video lessons for my kids. I’m not proficient enough in all computer languages to feel confident teaching them to my kids. Additionally, since I’m teaching multiple ages, I often include online classes to help simplify our homeschool day. Thanks to programs like CodaKid, my children can learn coding skills taught online by those much more knowledgeable about computer programming than I am.

With the Online Self-Study, my son can log into the classes on his own. He watches the video lesson, then works through it on his own. The videos contain an instructor going through that class’s topic visually walking the kids through the assignment while explaining what to do. If my son has any problems working it out, then he can either re-watch the video or contact support with one click. I think it’s vital for online coding programs for kids to have a way to get in touch with support for help.

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Coding for Kids

As mentioned above, online self-study courses are one way to teach kids coding. These types of classes are perfect for children who learn well independently. My son prefers this method because he likes being able to go back to the video and re-watch it anytime he gets stuck.

However, some children learn better through private tutoring. Not only does CodaKid offer online self-study coding classes for independent learners, but they also have Private 1-on-1 Tutoring for kids who prefer step by step guidance. This is a great option for children who want to learn quickly with structure and accountability through weekly assignments.

How We Use Coding Games in Our Homeschool

My oldest son loves learning about technology and has taken online technology classes before. So he was excited to give CodaKid a try. As I previously mentioned, he chose the Online Self-Study classes because he enjoys working with online videos at his own pace. He also prefers to watch the video using one computer while working on the coding on another. It helps him focus better.

He immediately dove into the Roblox classes. One thing he especially loves is that after he creates something in the class, it’s in his Roblox account for play. If you watch the above video, you can see my son going through one of the classes in which he learns how to create different 3D shapes. He loves being able to personalize what he creates, choosing the size and color of the objects. He found the online self-study coding classes very easy to use.

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Check Out CodaKid Classes

The online coding games for kids offered through these classes are a fun and engaging way to learn coding skills. They are also perfect for developing critical thinking skills and allow for creativity. These are also skills that children ages 7-15 need to practice, so it’s an added benefit to practice them while learning coding.

CodaKid offers a risk-free trial of the classes. You can receive a 14-day trial for the Online Self-Study, while 2 free sessions are offered for new families that prefer Private 1-on-1 Tutoring. The free trials are a great way to see if these classes are a good fit for your family’s needs. Check them out today!

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