WriteShop Review: 7 Reasons to Love this Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Teaching middle school writing can be overwhelming. WriteShop makes it simple and fun for teacher and student with their easy-to-use homeschool writing curriculum plus video course for middle and high school students.

Writing is a subject that I haven’t focused on enough with my younger children. My oldest loves writing, so it was easy to teach her with any curriculum.

However, that hasn’t always been the case with my younger kids. They aren’t particularly fond of writing. So I’ve had difficulty finding a program we all like. Which means I haven’t been very consistent when it comes to teaching writing.

Luckily I found WriteShop. Now we have a homeschool writing curriculum we can all enjoy.

WriteShop Review: 7 Reasons to Love this Homeschool Writing Curriculum

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Some of my kids have a love/hate relationship with writing. They love to write their own stories and create books. But they hate writing for school. Because of this, I’ve pushed off teaching them writing. However, with one nearing high school and the next not far behind, I realized the need to focus on middle school writing.

I’m so glad that I discovered WriteShop homeschool writing curriculum. It’s exactly what I’ve been missing when teaching writing in the past. It’s an easy-to-follow, engaging format that shows my teen exactly how to write paragraphs step by step.

WriteShop I/II is an Easy-to-Use Homeschool Writing Curriculum

WriteShop I is a homeschool writing curriculum that will make teaching middle school writing much easier. The program is designed to grow with teens, teaching them how to write various types of writing. They’ll even learn how to self-edit their work, which is an essential skill for high school and college.

The program is written with step-by-step instructions so teens know exactly what is required of them. WriteShop shows kids how to write descriptively without being overly wordy. Plus the Student Writing Skills Checklist helps teens learn to self-edit their work. I know from experience with my own children that this part of writing is what many kids dislike and tend to skip. It’s the perfect curriculum to instruct your teens and then step back and let them shine.

WriteShop Review: 7 Reasons to Love this Homeschool Writing Curriculum

What Is Included in WriteShop I/II?

WriteShop I offers parents a flexible writing program for middle and high school students. WriteShop I is intended for teens in 7th-10th grades, with WriteShop II following for teens in 8th-12th grades. The Teacher’s Manual covers both courses, while a Student Workbook will need to be purchased separately for I and II. Additionally, an updated Video Course is available for WriteShop I.

WriteShop I Video Course

The new WriteShop I Video Course goes right along with the latest 5th edition and has

  • a streamlined interface
  • improved course navigation
  • better visual appeal with fresh graphics
  • more concise teaching time
  • faster loading technology
  • fun examples and lots of humor
  • relevance for today’s teens
  • additional self-editing tips

The video course is not required for WriteShop I, but it’s a great option for many families. I like using the videos because it’s easier when homeschooling multiple ages. My son can watch the short video lessons while I teach my younger children. The videos are quick and engaging, with many lessons under ten minutes. That length is perfect for my son with ADHD. The videos include visual examples and explanations that teens can easily understand. My son mentioned that he enjoys the videos as a change from just the two of us working on his writing lessons together.

Learn More about WriteShop’s Video Course

7 Reasons to love WriteShop I/II

1. Easy to Use for both Teacher and Student

Both the Student Workbook and Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I &II include easy-to-follow directions. The video course makes it even easier with short, engaging videos for each lesson in the workbook. The program is beneficial both for parents and students who enjoy writing and those who aren’t as comfortable with writing.

2. Amazing Teacher’s Manual

I loved the Teacher’s Manual from the first time I looked through it. It includes everything you need to know for teaching middle school or high school writing. It shares step-by-step directions for each step your student needs to take throughout the writing process. You’ll know at a glance what supplies you’ll need for each lesson, the lesson’s skill focus, and all activities your student will do.

You’ll also know exactly the steps you’ll take to edit and grade your teen’s writing. The grading checklist makes grading much less subjective. There’s even a section on positive and encouraging comments to write on your student’s work. WriteShop includes sample work for each lesson, answer keys to the skill builders and prewriting activities done in the Student Workbook, and supplemental activity ideas.

3. Student Workbook

As soon as I saw the Student Workbook, I knew this writing program is perfect for my teen. He can easily follow along through each lesson, checking off his work as he goes. The self-editing checklist shows him exactly what is expected in his writing. I love that setting up that expectation for students easily shows them how they can improve their writing.

My son appreciates the examples of student writing found in each unit. These examples from kids around his age help him know how to form his own writing. He enjoys the lessons, which are the perfect length to keep him engaged.

Did you know? WriteShop also has curriculum for your elementary students. WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior are fantastic choices to consider for your kids in grades K-6. Using WriteShop from the beginning is a great way to consistently teach your children writing in your homeschool.

4. Video Course

The WriteShop I video course is a great addition to the program. I like having the choice to use the videos to teach each lesson so that I can focus on teaching my younger kids during that time. I also appreciate the editing videos available to parents to help with that process.

5. Teaches a Variety of Writing Skills

I also like that this program gives students practice on various writing skills. They’ll learn how to do narrative, descriptive, informative, and persuasive writing. Additionally, it explains how to use better, more descriptive words in sentences.


6. Flexible Curriculum

WriteShop I is a flexible writing curriculum. Students can complete the program in one or two years, even allowing more time than that, if needed. The Teacher’s Manual shares example schedules for each option.

7. Lots of Support on Website

Along with offering wonderful choices for homeschool writing curriculum for K-12, WriteShop also has extensive writing information and guidance on the website. You can find seasonal writing prompts, poetry, and support for the homeschool teacher.

boy watching writing video

WriteShop is a homeschool writing curriculum that you’re going to want to check out for your kids in grades K-12. The easy-to-use format works well for students and homeschool teachers alike. Your children will learn exactly how to write well and have fun doing it.

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