TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners by Dennis DiNoia

Do you want to raise independently responsible learners? Then you’ll want to read TEACH by Dennis DiNoia. This book is a great guide to help you raise your children to be independent learners.

TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners

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From the time our kids were little, my husband and I have wanted to encourage a love of learning. We want them to know that education is more than what you learn in school. We want our kids to enjoy the experience of learning and take charge of their own learning as they grow.

This desire to help our kids love learning is evident in how we are raising them. We try to encourage our children’s interests by guiding them to learn through child-led, hands-on experiences.

That’s why I enjoyed reading the new book, TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners, by Dennis DiNoia. This book shows parents and teachers how to encourage their children and students to be responsible for their own education.

How to Raise Independently Responsible Learners

Before reading this book, I wasn’t too familiar with the author. I did know that he is known as Mr. D Math and has an online math program. Since reading the book, I can see how his math program teaches students to be independently responsible learners.

In the book, the author shares his experiences as a classroom teacher turned homeschool curriculum creator. Throughout these stories, which are told in a very conversational tone, he explains how he realized that children become better learners when they are responsible for their own education.

Being independently responsible learners, children are inspired to direct their own learning. They learn more about themselves, how they learn and what they love to do. DiNoia explains that teachers and homeschool parents become more of a guide for these self-directed learners.

Reading TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners

My Thoughts on TEACH by Dennis DiNoia

When I first learned of this book, I was excited to read it because my goal is to raise my children to love learning. While reading this book, I felt validated with many of the ways I’ve been raising my kids to become independent learners. I also learned many new techniques and ideas for additional ways I can help my children take charge of their learning.

I recommend this book especially to those who want to encourage their children to be lifelong learners. Education doesn’t just happen between grades K-12. It’s something that never ends, so it’s important to know how to help foster the desire to continue learning in our children. TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners offers many concrete ideas to assist your children to take responsibility for their education.

For example, one of the stories shared early in the book explains what DiNoia noticed as a classroom teacher when handing back graded work. His students would simply look at the grade and stick the paper in their folders. He then realized they learned more when they checked their own work. This idea is something that I plan to try out next year with my kids.

Assessment is More than Testing

One of my favorite chapters in the book is on presenting work. I’m not always a fan of tests with my kids, though I did appreciate the chapter on the importance of tests and the secret to taking them. However, I like to find alternative methods of assessment, so the ideas shared in this chapter were quite helpful.

I also realized through this chapter that when children find additional ways to present their knowledge, they are building life skills as they learn presentation methods. This can lead children to discover how they learn best and even direct them toward careers that best fit their learning style and interests. I imagine most parents, like myself, want our children to build life skills throughout their homeschool experiences.

TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners is a good book for parents and learners, especially teenagers, to read. The book shares ideas for parents to be more of a guide for their children’s learning. It also helps learners understand how they learn best and figure out their interests. TEACH by Dennis DiNoia makes a good addition to every homeschool library.

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