5 Reasons to Love Sonlight Literature-Based Preschool Curriculum

Preschool at home is perfect for sharing wonderful books and fun, hands-on activities with your child. Sonlight has a literature-based preschool curriculum that makes it easy.

In our homeschool, I try to include quality literature for my kids, along with hands-on learning activities. This is especially important in the preschool years. Luckily there’s a program that helps me do both.

5 Reasons You'll Love Sonlight Preschool Curriculum

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Are you looking for a preschool at home curriculum that combines quality literature with hands-on learning? Continue reading to find out how Sonlight Preschool Curriculum can help.

When you begin teaching preschool at home, you don’t need lots of workbooks and flashcards to teach your three- or four-year-old. Instead, use wonderful picture books that your child will want you to read aloud over and over.

Also, kids learn best through play and real-life, hands-on experiences. It’s important to give your preschooler unstructured time to enjoy hands-on activities. These activities are teaching important skills, like fine motor and how to care for self.

So when you look for a preschool at home curriculum, you’ll want to choose one that includes great picture books and lots of hands-on learning for your little one.

Sonlight Offers a Literature-Based Curriculum for Preschool at Home

Sonlight creates literature-rich programs. The Sonlight Preschool Curriculum is no different. They chose beautiful picture books for read alouds that will teach your child in an entertaining way.

They’ve included many quality picture books and treasuries of picture books with their literature-based preschool program. Not only that, they’ve also included many opportunities for hands-on learning, including traceable geometric shapes, sensory cards for letters and numbers, math counters, and more.

The Instructor’s Guide adds additional hands-on activities for personal life development. Your child will learn how to wash a bowl, cut a banana, and sweep among other activities.

It’s a quality program that will help instill a love of learning in your preschooler.

Literature-Based Preschool Curriculum

What You Should Know about Sonlight Homeschool Program

The Sonlight Preschool Curriculum was updated in 2021. It still includes the great literature-rich learning that Sonlight is known for. But it adds more of a Montessori-like approach as well.

Your preschooler will not only learn pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills, but they’ll also learn practical life skills such as cutting, transferring, and pouring.

Find out more about the reason for the update to the Sonlight Preschool Curriculum. This post also explains the benefits of a Montessori-approach to learning for preschoolers.

With my preschoolers, I find adding these activities to a bookshelf is the easiest way to inspire learning. In our homeschool area, I have several areas of bookcases that are just for my preschooler. I show him how to use an activity, then I place it on the shelf. He knows that if an activity is on the shelf, then he is welcome to take it to the table to work on it. It’s an additional way to teach independence.

5 Reasons to Love Sonlight Literature-Based Preschool Curriculum

1. Literature-Based Curriculum

I find reading aloud to children extremely important. In fact, I continue a daily read aloud for all of my children, even after they learn to read on their own. Reading aloud has many benefits for children of all ages. I love that Sonlight chooses quality literature that my preschooler and I will enjoy reading again and again.

preschooler and mom reading together

2. Hands-On Activities

Preschoolers learn through hands-on activities as well as great books. The Sonlight Preschool Curriculum includes resources for hands-on, independent learning. Inside the curriculum, you’ll find items like sandpaper letters and numbers, math counters, and geometric shapes.

Additionally, Sonlight describes even more hands-on learning for preschoolers in the Instructor’s Guide. This guide shares information on how to teach practical life skills to your preschooler with a Montessori approach.

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum Materials

3. Instructor’s Guide

As much as your preschooler will love the books and supplies, you will love the Instructor’s Guide. This guide has everything planned out for a three-day preschool week. The guide lists all of the materials you’ll need, including books and supplies.

The guide also contains information on how to present the materials to your preschooler. This information is invaluable to a new or busy homeschool parent. You’ll know exactly the questions to ask your preschooler about the read alouds. You’ll also learn how and why to show your child how to use the included hands-on materials.

As I mentioned above, the guide helps you teach your preschooler important practical life skills. You can use a Montessori approach in your preschool at home, even if you aren’t familiar with it.

Sonlight Preschool Instructor Guide

4. Great for Busy Families

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum is perfect for busy homeschool families. You have everything you need to teach preschool at home in the program. You’ll have every book you need to read, which is great for building your home library with quality literature. You’ll have the hands-on supplies you need to teach pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-writing skills.

With the Instructor’s Guide, you’ll also have the knowledge to teach your preschooler with these materials. You’ll know what to say and what materials to use to help you teach.

Your homeschool preschool day will also be short. Sonlight’s lessons are designed for 20-30 minutes three days a week. Also, your child can do many of the included learning activities independently. This is perfect when you homeschool multiple ages. You can teach older kids while your preschooler is busy learning on their own.

Plus, if your preschooler is anything like mine, they are probably always telling you they can do something by themselves. I love that Sonlight’s program allows my preschooler the opportunity to do that. He gets to snuggle with me on the couch while we read the stories. But he also gets to do the hands-on activities like pouring and scooping on his own. He loves being able to do this all by himself.

5. Ready to Go: No Planning Required

It takes time to plan your homeschool day. You need to decide what skills to teach and what materials to use to help you teach them. However, Sonlight has everything planned out for you, saving you this planning time.

All of the daily lesson plans are written out step-by-step in the Instructor’s Guide. The books and materials you need are easily found at a glance. Plus they are included with your curriculum. It couldn’t be much easier to homeschool your preschooler.

Benefits of Sonlight Literature-Based Preschool Curriculum

  • Everything you need is included with this program: books, supplies, and Instructor’s Guide.
  • Literature-rich program contains quality picture books and treasuries to enjoy with your preschooler.
  • A Montessori approach allows your preschooler to take control of their learning. This gives them a sense of accomplishment.
  • New homeschool parents know exactly how to teach the materials using the detailed Instructor’s Guide.
  • Busy homeschool families can easily fit in 20-30 minute lessons of a three-day preschool week into their schedule.
boy counting with math counters

Give Sonlight Preschool at Home Curriculum a Try!

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum is a quality program that you and your preschooler will love. You can find out more about it through the button below. Also be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free preschool curriculum!

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