Sonlight Science A: Literature-Based Homeschool Science Curriculum

If you are looking for a science curriculum that is literature-based and includes hands-on learning and fun topics, then look no further than Sonlight Homeschool Science Curriculum.

Sonlight Science A: Literature-Based Homeschool Science Curriculum

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One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is the ability to choose the curriculum we use. I love seeing all the wonderful choices available and figuring out which ones will work best for our needs.

However, having the sole responsibility to choose often makes me wonder if I’m making the right decision.

Through the years science, in particular, has given me a lot of back and forth of worrying if I chose the best curriculum for my kids.

Until now, that is. When my six-year-old asks to start every single morning with science, I know we’re using the perfect homeschool science curriculum for him.

boy reading book from sonlight science curriculum

My youngest son absolutely loves science. He’ll tell anyone who will listen how the circulatory system works and can’t watch enough videos of volcanoes. He’s also my gardening buddy and took great care of his personal flower garden last summer.

So when it came to choosing a homeschool science curriculum for him, I knew it had to be engaging and encourage his love of science. He also loves hands-on learning and science experiments.

Sonlight Homeschool Science Curriculum

Sonlight’s Science Curriculum has been a perfect fit for my budding scientist. We started using this science curriculum last year with Sonlight Science K. He was hooked right from the start with ants. So I knew when we finished it that Sonlight Science A would be the best homeschool science curriculum to follow.

The minute we opened our box I knew I made the right choice. His excitement rose with each book he pulled out. As soon as he saw that he’ll be studying the human body, he grabbed the Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body book, took a seat on the couch, and took his time looking at each page.

Sonlight Science A Contents

What’s Included in Sonlight Science A Homeschool Science Curriculum

If you know anything about Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum, I’m sure you know that it’s a wonderful, literature-based program. Sonlight Science A is no different. Through wonderful picture books and children’s encyclopedia, students learn about light and sound waves, the natural Earth, the human body, outer space, animals, and engineering. We chose the 5-day plan, so every Friday we’ve been reading about a different inventor.

Interesting Literature for Science Read Alouds

Sonlight Science A Literature

Along with the Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body, my son has also really liked the Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia. He has especially enjoyed learning about oceans in this book. At my son’s request we begin our school days with science. Reading these books aloud to him has been a fun way to start each day.

Sonlight Instructor’s Guide

Sonlight Instructor's Guide

Along with great books, the Sonlight Science A Instructor’s Guide is one of my favorite parts of this curriculum. This year I’m homeschooling my three boys from K/1 all the way to high school. I need curriculum that makes lesson planning simple.

As you can see in the above picture, the Instructor’s Guide is separated by week and day. I put a removable tab on the week we’re on so I can easily flip open to it each morning. At a glance I can see which book to use, the pages I’ll read, and which questions my son will answer on the activity sheets.

I can quickly read which materials I’ll need to grab for the week’s experiment. The Instructor’s Guide also lets me know what I’ll need to have on hand for the next week. If we don’t have something, I can simply write it on my grocery list for the week.

Sonlight Activity Sheets for Quick Daily Assessment

boy writing answer onto sonlight activity sheet

The Instructor’s Guide also contains activity sheets for students to complete. After completing our daily reading the first three days of the week, my son answers a few questions about what we read. These questions might include matching, fill in the blank, true/false, or cut and paste. He looks forward to doing these, and I like the quick and easy assessment to check understanding of the information read.

Discover & Do Science Kit Makes Experiments Easy to Do

Discover & Do Science Experiment Book and Supply Kit

In the past I didn’t always add science experiments to our learning, especially not weekly. However, the Discover & Do Science Supplies Kit makes weekly experiments easy. This kit, along with the Level A Science Experiments book, includes what I need for the experiments so I don’t have to try to hunt around town for a certain type of tubing or a styrofoam ball. The kit contains exactly what is required. It also has a paper packet of any information sheets already printed. The most I might have to add is a spoon, scissors, or something I likely have at home.

Why is this so valuable? Because now the experiments actually happen! Before using Sonlight, if I had to search for a bunch of materials or print papers and instructions, the experiments just didn’t get done. I didn’t have a lot of extra time to search for one balloon or a ball of clay. Now all I have to do is grab the supply box and experiments book and we’re ready to go.

boy reading science book

Sonlight Science A is an engaging science homeschool curriculum for ages 6-8. The books are informative and fun. Lessons are short enough to keep my little guy’s interest, but long enough to cover interesting information. My six-year-old loves the science topics covered in this level. I love how easy Sonlight makes it to teach. When you’re looking for a literature-based science curriculum with lots of fun, hands-on projects, you definitely need to check out Sonlight’s homeschool science curriculum.

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