Story Tyke Shares Short Bedtime Stories Your Kids Will Love

If you’re looking for short bedtime stories for your kids, Story Tyke is a free subscription you’ll want to check out.

If your kids are anything like mine, they love hearing stories. Especially at bedtime. However, not all of us are gifted with the knack for great story-telling. So when our kids ask us to tell them a story, we stumble through, saying whatever comes to mind as we go. But it doesn’t make sense or it’s boring, so we try to put off story-telling at bedtime, hoping our kids won’t ask.

With Story Tyke, you don’t have to put off bedtime stories anymore! It’s just what those of us who don’t have a gift for story-telling need.

Story Tyke: Short Bedtime Stories for Kids

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What is Story Tyke?

Story Tyke is a free email subscription service for busy parents. Each day at 6 pm from Sunday through Thursday, a story is emailed to you. The stories, designed for kids aged 4-8, range from original stories to customizable where you add your child’s name in the story. They also include twists of traditional stories and fairy tales. All of the stories do have one thing in common though. Kids love them!

You can watch this short video to hear the Story Tyke founder’s story and why he developed this service:

How Story Tyke Helps You Find Bedtime Stories to Tell

Thanks to Story Tyke, you no longer have to scramble to put together a story off the top of your head. You also don’t have to spend time you don’t have searching the internet for children’s bedtime stories. Story Tyke takes care of that for you. All you have to do is sign up for a free subscription, then check your email each evening.

Fun tip: Have grandparents or a family friend sign up for a free Story Tyke subscription too. They can tell your children the stories over the phone or video chat as a way to stay connected.

mom reading story to son

Our Experience with Story Tyke

From the very first story, my four-year-old was hooked! I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it so much. My little guy loves listening to stories, but usually it’s through books we read to him. I wasn’t sure if he’d like just hearing a story with no images to look at.

But he loves it! Right in the middle of the very first story I read to him, he looked at me and said, “I really like this story!” He gets so excited every time I tell him it’s time for one of “his” stories, as he calls them. It’s our special time together, which is definitely valued when you have three older siblings.

And he’s not the only one enjoying the Story Tyke bedtime stories. Not long after we started sharing the stories, I noticed that I am getting into the story-telling more. I’m using different voices and reading in a variety of speeds to build more suspense and fun into the stories. I think with no pressure to come up with a story of my own, I have the freedom to have fun with it and be silly. My son loves it.

Most of the time we’ll read a story before he gets ready for bed. My husband puts my youngest to bed each night, so reading our Story Tyke story together is a great way to calm him down before bedtime. Sometimes we’ll read the story during the day instead, especially if I know our evening is busy. The stories are also perfect when we’re stuck in the car waiting for my older kids to get out of sports practices. I love the flexibility of having the stories sitting in my email inbox, ready to go when I am.

Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Kids

Flexibility is just one of the benefits Story Tyke offers with its short bedtime stories for kids. Telling children bedtime stories also:

  • Improves literacy skills
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Increases attention span
  • Develops memory recall
  • Creates a bond between parent and child

Story Tyke also includes Tyke Time breaks throughout the story. These are questions that you can ask your child that pertain to the story you’re reading. They’re perfect for checking comprehension and encourage critical thinking as well.

mom and son reading story

How to Include Short Bedtime Stories from Story Tyke in Your Homeschool Day

Story Tyke’s short bedtime stories are perfect for preschoolers up to around age 8 or so. Most children this age cannot read long chapter books, or sit still listening to long chapters. Short stories are better for their shorter attention spans, while the lack of images help build their imagination. It’s easy to include the stories in your homeschool.

Even though these are called bedtime stories, kids love hearing stories any time of the day. Add a story to your homeschool morning basket, use the story as a transition from hands-on activities to bookwork, or tell a story while your kids enjoy a snack or lunch. These short bedtime stories could be a great way to finish up a school day as well.

Using Story Tyke in a Homeschool Preschool

These stories work very well added to a homeschool preschool. Personally, I do not formally homeschool the children until they are closer to ages 6-7. When they are preschool age, we read books, do a lot of hands-on learning activities, enjoy nature, and play. Story Tyke’s short bedtime stories fit in perfectly with this.

You and your little one will enjoy one-on-one time together as you tell the story. Pausing to go over the Tyke Time breaks I mentioned above helps you check your child’s comprehension development. Talking about the story gives your little one a chance to work on communication skills. They are learning how to put their thoughts into words. These are all very important skills preschoolers need to develop before being able to write well when older.

Fun tip: Make a Story Tyke folder in your inbox. Move the stories to that folder each day so you can easily go back and retell your child’s favorite stories. You can also easily find the stories if you aren’t able to read them for a day or two.

Telling children bedtime stories is a great way to increase bonding time with your kids. However, stories don’t always need to be shared at bedtime. Instead, use Story Tyke’s free email subscription to receive daily stories to share with your children in your morning basket or to end the homeschool day. With so many benefits to story-telling and the ease of receiving free stories through email each day, you should sign up and give it a try today. Save yourself the frustration of trying to make up a story off the top of your head.

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