Fantastic September Morning Basket Ideas for Your Homeschool

It’s easy to find many great September morning basket ideas for your homeschool. You and your kids will have a blast each morning when you include these fantastic resources in your morning basket.

Do you look forward to beginning your homeschool day? You will when you begin with a morning basket time! Read on for wonderful September morning basket ideas.

September Morning Basket Ideas

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When you are homeschooling multiple ages, one of the best ways to keep it simple is to include all of your children as much as you can. One way I do that is through morning baskets. During our morning basket time, which for my family is about 90 minutes or so each morning, we cover enrichment subjects that all of the kids can do together.

September Morning Basket Ideas

When I created our morning basket, I chose many materials that we continue to do through the school year. However, some of the things that we do, like nature study, include seasonal themes and do change each month. I find that keeping my morning basket similar each month by only changing a few things helps me simplify our homeschool day. My kids appreciate the consistency of our morning basket, while also enjoying a little bit of something new each month.

Daily/Almost Daily Morning Time Activities

Morning Prayers

We like to begin our morning time each day with a decade of the Rosary. The boys take turns saying the prayers, and my preschooler enjoys joining in for this. This is also a good time to read scripture or do a Bible study.

Brain Games

These brain games are something new this year, and so far they have been a great way to warm up their minds for learning. My preschooler loves these as well, though sometimes I have to modify for him. I got the idea to include these after attending a wonderful Brain Training at Home masterclass by Cindy West of Our Journey Westward.

So far I’ve just been using games that we already had at home. I usually alternate them daily, and the boys like to choose which ones we do. You can see the ones we’re currently using below.

Vocabulary Word of the Day

My kids have learned so much vocabulary with this Vocabulary Cartoons book. Each morning I show them the cartoon and caption while leaving the definition covered. Then they try to guess the meaning of the word based on what I shared. I write the word and definition on our whiteboard to they can see it throughout the day. After every 10 words, there is a quiz in the book. My kids have shown quite a bit of retention from this simple 5 minute vocabulary study.

Fix It! Grammar

Fix It! Grammar by IEW is something that you can include for all of your children in grades 3-12. If you’ve never used it before, all of your children can start with the same book. My boys are only 2 grades apart, so it works very well for us to do together. The book is a story told one sentence per day. Children correct the sentence for punctuation, capital letters, and correct word usage. Then they identify different parts of speech and parts of a sentence. We use this in addition to individual grammar workbooks.

September Nature Study

Since last year, we’ve been loosely following the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum. I love that I can use this with all of my children, from preschool up to my 7th grader. The curriculum is year-long, with different nature topics each week. Book lists are included, as well as activity ideas, a poem, and even a picture study. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a Charlotte Mason approach to their homeschool.

We try to include nature study in our homeschool 2-3 times per week. One of those days we get outside for a nature walk. The other days usually include reading a nonfiction book about our topic, then either writing about it in nature journals or doing a related activity. My preschooler really enjoys our nature study time, so I try to include him in our activities as best as I can. Twice a month we also enjoy live online nature study classes from Our Journey Westward. It’s nice to know that if we don’t get outside for our nature studies or don’t have many books on a topic, we can still enjoy nature study through these classes.

In September, we’ll be studying apples, leaves, and seeds. Autumn is a wonderful time for outdoor nature study, and I’m excited to do nature study activities with these themes. We’ll go apple picking as a family, and I’ll come up with some apple crafts to do with my preschooler. The older boys have asked to make apple crisp. Then we’ll review why leaves change colors in the fall, along with lovely activities like leaf lanterns. We’ll also gather seeds around our yard and discuss seed dispersal. Cindy from Our Journey Westward has a sample class on seed dispersal that is perfect for this theme. With so many amazing fall nature study ideas to choose from, this is one of my favorite seasons to get outside!

September Read Aloud

We started Tuesdays at the Castle in August, but we will finish the book in September. It’s a book about a royal family who live in a magical castle that likes to rearrange itself on Tuesdays. This first book of the series is about how the younger children handle the disappearance of their parents and oldest brother.

Fantastic September Morning Basket Ideas for Your Homeschool

Weekly Morning Time Activities

Life of Fred Math Supplement

We’ve included Life of Fred as a math supplement in our morning basket for several years. It’s such a fun way to reinforce the math skills my boys learn. This book series is about a 5-year-old math professor named Fred. It reads like a chapter book, telling the story of Fred’s days while naturally including math. We read one chapter a week and should finish Edgewood in September.

Music Appreciation

For many years now, my boys have enjoyed music appreciation with SQUILT. It’s a fun and easy way to add music to your homeschool. Plus it can be used for multiple ages of children, which makes it a great way to keep your homeschool day simple.

Art History

During last school year, we found Art History Kids, which makes including art in your homeschool so easy. Each week I receive an email with a PDF of that week’s lessons. I just have to read it and show my kids the pictures included. The art projects almost always use items easily found around the house. I don’t have to do any of my own planning for art. Plus, the creator, Lotus, has started including some live classes online as well that my kids have liked attending.

This month, we decided to veer off the planned Egyptian Art lessons. Instead, we will enjoy a lesson on the Italian Renaissance because it fits better into the historical time period we are covering this year. Each month members receive a code to choose a free archived lesson, which is what we are doing in September.

Art Activities

We really enjoy art in our home! I try to include it as much as I can in our day. Along with the art history lessons, we also enjoy chalk art lessons through You Are an Artist. They have many free lessons to sample on their site, plus a paid membership that is amazing. If you like combining art with different subjects, the Clubhouse membership or single lessons on a particular topic is perfect. This is another resource that includes everyone in the family, no matter their age.

For September, I plan to use the preschool chalk art lessons with my youngest, specifically apples and leaves to match our nature study themes. My older boys will do some fall lessons too, plus any lessons that match our other curriculum, specifically history and New Testament.

Along with chalk pastel, my kids and I also love using watercolor. Last year, we started these monthly lessons from Lily and Thistle. They combine nature and art, two of our favorites! I love that these lessons work well for everyone from my preschooler to me. It’s such a relaxing time to sit with my kids and paint.

September Morning Basket Themes

Monthly themes are also fun to do in your morning basket. You can choose a theme for your read alouds, nature study, or even your entire basket. Themes work especially well with younger children.

  • Apples
  • Autumn
  • Leaves
  • Seeds
  • Labor Day
  • Corn
  • Raccoons
  • Spiders
Morning Basket Quick Start Guide

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September is a fun month for your morning basket time! Be sure to include wonderful autumn activities alongside your enrichment work and read alouds using the September morning basket ideas above. You and your kids will have fond memories of this special time you spend together to begin your homeschool days.

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