Your Guide to the Best March Morning Basket Resources

You’ll march right into the month ready for fun when you add spring and March-themed activities in your March morning basket!

After surviving the cold and gray of February, March is like a breath of fresh air. The days are getting longer, the sun shines more often, and your homeschool days feel exciting and new again. Spring is finally coming!

Keep the momentum going to finish your school year strong by starting your homeschool days with amazing materials in your March morning basket.

Your Guide to the Best March Morning Basket Resources

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We love to begin our school days with our morning basket. It’s a time for all of us to learn together, and make sure we get to those subjects that tend to be pushed aside for math and grammar. Grab my guide below to help you get started, and keep reading for ideas on what to include in your March morning basket!

Morning Basket Quick Start Guide

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Great Resources to Add to Your March Morning Basket

While some families like to completely change their basket themes each month, we tend to keep much of our basket the same. Our read alouds and nature study topics are the main monthly differences.

Check out March Morning Basket Resources in this Video

Daily Morning Time Activities

First, much of our morning basket includes activities that we do everyday of the week. We always begin our morning time with a decade of the Rosary. Then we continue with the following activities. These activities are good for any grade, but my homeschool students are in grades 4 and 6. My 3-year-old will participate in some of the activities as well.

March Read Alouds

Chapter Book: We absolutely loved Adam of the Road, our read aloud in our February morning basket. I thought for our March basket, it would be fun to read a sequel to something we’ve already read. After giving my boys a choice, they both decided they’d like to read the next book in the Mary Poppins series, Mary Poppins Comes Back.

Picture Books: St. Patrick’s feast day is in March, so I’ll read a couple books we have about him the week of his feast day. March is also in the liturgical season of Lent, so I’ll read books I have about Lent every once in awhile this month.

March Nature Study

One of our favorite parts of morning basket has become our nature study. We originally tried doing nature study in the afternoons, but it fits perfectly into our morning time. Each week we like to study a different topic, usually loosely following the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum.

For each topic, we spend about 15-20 minutes a day on our nature studies. I try to do a nature walk on Mondays, though we did slack on that a bit during the winter. Hopefully now that the weather should be getting nicer, we’ll be able to fit those in again. Then most of the time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I read books about our topic. Then Thursdays and Fridays are times for art projects and writing what was learned in nature journals.

Clouds Mini Nature Study

We are starting the month of March off with a mini nature study of clouds. I’m planning to focus on the different kinds of clouds, as well as do a couple of art projects on clouds. I have several weather books that mention clouds, plus a few fun picture books.

Extreme Weather Nature Study

After our cloud study week, we’re going to continue on in our weather study with extreme weather. The boys are very excited to learn more about hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms.

Nesting Birds Mini Nature Study

Birds are my favorite, so we study them a lot throughout the year. We get lots of birds in our yard all year long. For spring, I want to study nesting birds. I recently got quite a few books about birds’ nests that I plan to read this week. I’m planning to add art to our nature study by creating birds’ nests.

Frogs Mini Nature Study

I’m thinking of doing a pond study in early April, so I figured we’d end the month of March by studying frogs. I have a few books to read about frogs, including their life cycle. One of my sons did ask that we not dissect a frog, so that is an activity we’ll be passing on.


The boys will be studying Asian countries this month. They each have a blank copy and a labeled copy of the continent in a page protector. Each day they study 3 new countries from the labeled map and label them on their blank map with a dry erase marker. The next day they write those from memory on the blank map and then use the labeled map to learn 3 new ones. I use the continental maps available from Productive Homeschooling.

Saint of the Day

We are still using these Saint of the Day cards.

Vocabulary Word of the Day

We are so close to finishing the Vocabulary Cartoons book for our vocabulary word of the day.

Memory Work

The boys have been memorizing Catholic prayers this school year. I printed off over 20 of them and put them in binders for each boy, along with a checklist to write the date they complete each one. I also have a copy of each prayer, along with a checklist for each boy. They just have the Nicene Creed and the Mysteries of the Rosaries left, so I’m hoping they can get those done in March.

Weekly Morning Time Activities

Along with the above daily morning basket items, we also include one more subject that we study weekly.


For years we’ve enjoyed the products from SQUILT Music. It’s so easy to use the musical materials that are all ready to print and teach. We’ve enjoyed learning about musical instruments, composers, musical time periods, and more. All of these products are available separately, but the best value is SQUILT Complete. Your music curriculum will be all in one spot, ready to go.

Life of Fred

For over a year now, we’ve been reading a chapter from Life of Fred. We are in the Edgewood book right now. The series is about a 5-year-old college math professor and his life. These books are such fun & my boys constantly beg me to do one more chapter each week. It’s such a fun, living book to supplement our math.

Art History

I probably should just move art history up into the daily activities above. We’ve been enjoying the lessons so much, and there is so much available to use, that while we started doing these lessons once or twice a week, we now usually do a little bit each day. The Studio from Art History Kids is a monthly membership with a focused theme. Lessons are available to print or use online each month, including information about the artist(s) and ways to include literature and other subjects in with the art.

Chalk Pastel Video Lesssons

We really love art around here and include it in our homeschool as often as possible. Along with learning art history, I try to incorporate art in with other topics we’re learning, most often nature study and history. Sometimes we use watercolors or colored pencils. We also love using chalk pastels. They are inexpensive and all of my kids can use them, including my preschooler. You Are an Artist has easy-to-follow video lessons. As Clubhouse members, we have access to all of them. I can easily do a search for a topic we’re learning about and find a related chalk pastel lesson.

Additional March Morning Basket Themes

The month of March naturally offers many wonderful ideas of themes. Several of the themes could lead you down fun rabbit holes of further learning.

  • Spring
  • Weather/Clouds
  • Rainbows/Light/Color
  • Water Cycle
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Ireland
  • Women’s History
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Birds, in particular Nesting Birds
  • Frogs
  • Ponds
  • Basketball

Preschool Morning Time

Currently I don’t have a separate morning basket for my preschool age son. However, he’s been showing lots of interest lately in learning numbers and letters. So I’m going to start planning some work for him to do. He does enjoy the books that we’ve been reading using the Before Five in a Row curriculum, so sometimes I do try to add related activities to a morning time just for the two of us while the older boys work on their own.

He really enjoys sensory bins, so I’m putting together some spring sensory activities for him. He loves to count now, so I’ve been preparing number and counting activities for him.

Your Guide to the Best March Morning Basket Resources
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March brings many wonderful activities to add to a March morning basket. Create your basket based around a theme, or just choose a fun read aloud and some nature topics to add to a regular basket. No matter how you create your morning basket, it’s sure to be a special time to spend with your children as you begin your homeschool day.

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