Homeschool+: An Online, Interactive Curriculum for 4 to 8 Year Olds

Find out how Homeschool+, an interactive online homeschool curriculum for 4 to 8 year olds, can work for your family’s needs.

Homeschool+ Interactive Online Curriculum

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In our decade of homeschooling, we’ve enjoyed many online homeschool curriculum programs. Online curriculum can help create a more simplified homeschool day. They allow time for the homeschool parent to work individually with other students. Online programs lighten planning and teaching time as well. Plus they are really enjoyable for kids. One program my kindergartener and I have been enjoying recently is an interactive homeschool curriculum for 4 to 8 year olds called Homeschool+.

What is Homeschool+ Interactive Online Homeschool Curriculum?

Homeschool+ is an online homeschool curriculum for 4 to 8 year olds. This curriculum includes interactive math and reading programs. In addition, many other courses are available for subjects like science, art, social studies, languages arts and Spanish. These online courses also include printable lesson plans to further learning offline.

Homeschool+ My Reading Academy

How to Use Homeschool+ Interactive Online Curriculum in Your Homeschool

Including Homeschool+ in your homeschool plans is easy to do. The curriculum consists of three aspects for 4 to 8 year olds: My Math Academy, My Reading Academy, and other additional courses. The parent section of the program includes a lesson planner with daily lessons set up for the week. This section is opened with a parent password so you don’t have to worry about your child getting into it by mistake.

You choose how many minutes each day you want your child to work on math and reading. This is nice because you can raise or lower the amounts on days you are more or less busy. It’s completely adjustable to your unique schedule. The math and reading programs customize themselves to your child’s ability. I love that my son is working right at the level he needs. He’s challenged enough to grow in skills, but isn’t frustrated or overwhelmed.

Along with the math and reading lessons, you can also choose individual courses for your child to complete each day. You’ll find lessons for these courses already suggested in your plans, but these are flexible. You can change the days, remove lessons, or add lessons. One to three of these additional lessons are recommended each day, which I found to be just right for my kindergartener.

Weekend Freeplay

Often my son asks about doing schoolwork on the weekends. He enjoys learning so much that he doesn’t always want to work Mondays to Fridays only. Another benefit of Homeschool+ is the offer of Weekend Freeplay. These activities are not required and not a part of the daily lessons. They are just extra practice for your kids to enjoy. There are math and reading activities available. In addition to those, children can also enjoy listening to or reading online books and play games or do puzzles. They can watch a variety of videos and complete art activities as well.

Homeschool+ Reading Lesson

What My Son Loves about Homeschool+

My kindergartener mentioned the other day that he’s so happy that he gets to use Homeschool+. He especially loves the Shapeys, science courses, and the Spanish course. In My Math Academy, he’s rewarded with these characters called Shapeys when he completes enough activities. It’s such a strong motivation for him to continue to work on math because he’s excited to see which new shape he’ll get. He loves the interactive lessons. One recent favorite was a math lesson counting on to 20. He loved watching the Shapeys slide down a waterslide in a pool. These guided lessons are so much fun that he doesn’t realize he’s doing schoolwork!

Homeschool+ Interactive Spanish Game

Additional Favorite Courses

Science has been a favorite subject of his for quite awhile now, especially the human body. So he was thrilled when he saw that the human body is one of the science courses available in the additional programs offered through Homeschool+. He often asks me to add more science lessons to his daily work. These lessons include videos and interactive activities online. However, each of the additional courses also offer printable lesson plans that provide even more activities to further learning.

Another surprising favorite course for my son is Spanish. This is something completely new to him and he’s really enjoying it. He likes watching the videos with space aliens that send characters to Earth to learn Spanish words. The interactive, online matching game is one of his favorite parts of the Spanish course. It’s offered in three different levels: beginner, challenge, and advanced challenge. He always completes all three levels because he loves it so much, which is extra beneficial because it exposes him to the Spanish words over and over as he plays.

Homeschool+ Math Lesson

What I Love about Homeschool+

As a homeschool parent, I’ve found much to enjoy about Homeschool+ as well. I really like the ease with which I can set up the activities my son will do each week. I can plan shorter or longer times in the math and reading lessons based on that week’s schedule. It’s incredibly simple to add, remove, or change days for the additional lessons like science and Spanish. As I schedule those, I can also easily print out any lesson plans to get more activities to do with my son offline. The ease of lesson planning is a definite benefit when using Homeschool+.

I found out how enjoyable an online program like Homeschool+ can be when I was recently ill. For several days my son sat next to me on our laptop doing his lessons while I rested. I was able to see what he was working on and help as needed, but I could let Homeschool+ do the teaching for me. This is also convenient when I’m teaching his older brothers their lessons. My kindergartener has fun doing his interactive, online lessons while I am nearby working with my other children. Online curriculum lessons are very helpful for families homeschooling kids of multiple ages.

Homeschool+ Word Builder

In Conclusion

Overall, I appreciate the flexibility offered through Homeschool+ interactive online homeschool curriculum. It’s simple to plan the weekly lessons around our family’s schedule. Plus it is customized to my son’s capability. He is challenged without being overwhelmed or frustrated. The printable lesson plans also allow us to extend a particularly favorite subject. Homeschool+ is easy for both the homeschool parent and child to use. Click the button below to visit Homeschool+ and see how easily it can work for your family’s homeschool needs too.

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