How to Make Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels Simple & Fun

Your entire family will love doing homeschool art with chalk pastels. Lessons from You Are an Artist! make including chalk pastels in your homeschool art class simple and fun.

When you are looking for fun and easy homeschool art lessons that your entire family can do, look no further than You Are an Artist! You’ll find hundreds of amazing art lessons using chalk pastels, along with many other delightful bonuses.

Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels Is Easy & Fun

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My kids love art. They enjoy drawing, painting, coloring, and more. But we don’t always have time to do a long and involved art project. That’s why I love the You Are an Artist! chalk pastel lessons. My kids and I can create a beautiful chalk art painting in a short amount of time with minimal materials and easy cleanup.

We’ve enjoyed chalk pastel lessons with Nana for years. They are a perfect way to easily add art to your homeschool day.

7 Benefits to Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels Lessons from You Are an Artist!

Including art in your homeschool with chalk pastels is a fun and easy way to enjoy art with your kids. The lessons from You Are an Artist! make it even easier because all of the instruction is done for you. All you have to do is gather a few supplies and decide what you’d like to draw. Nana does the rest!

1. Chalk pastel lessons are perfect for multi-age learning.

While some lessons are geared towards preschool or older kids and adults, most of the chalk pastel lessons are great for any age. This makes the membership such a good value, especially for larger families. I love activities that younger siblings can do with older kids. It’s so much easier to turn the video lesson on for all of them to watch, rather than try to chase down my preschooler while the older ones try to focus on the lesson!

2. Lessons for every ability level are available.

In addition to being good for multiple ages of kids, the chalk pastel lessons also work well for any level of artistic ability. You don’t need to be a talented artist to make beautiful chalk art paintings. My kids absolutely love the lessons with Nana, and they are always so proud of their work.

Chalk pastels are a very forgiving medium, so kids of any age can produce amazing paintings. However, because of the wide range of basic to detailed lessons, even those with more talent can still be challenged.

boy watching online art lesson

3. Few materials are needed for homeschool art using chalk pastels.

All you need for chalk art lessons is chalk pastels, construction or copy paper, and the You Are an Artist! lesson. That’s it! We like to keep our chalk pastels on a rolling cart with our art supplies. This makes it easy for the kids to grab our materials while I access the lesson. We can be ready for our lesson in just a couple of minutes.

You may also like to give each child a baby wipe to clean their hands throughout the lesson. We also use one to clean the little amount of chalk dust that collects on our table as we work.

Chalk pastels last a long time, too. We like to break ours in half so 2 kids can use the same color. They are also a great size and cost for gift-giving, fitting perfectly in Christmas stockings and Easter baskets.

preschooler painting with chalk pastels

4. You Are an Artist! Clubhouse Membership is such a value.

You get so much with your You Are an Artist Clubhouse membership, including…

  • access to over 600 art lessons that continue to grow
  • choose lessons that interest you or relate to your studies
  • member-exclusive bonuses
  • master classes and live member-only events
  • a special member community on Facebook

The Complete Clubhouse membership gives you even more value for not much more cost, including all of the clubhouse benefits mentioned above, plus…

  • over 50 video art courses
  • exclusive series like Maps, Presidents, Famous Artists, I Drew It then I Knew It History
  • printable art planner
  • an index of all art lessons to easily choose your topic
  • Chalk Pastels at the Movies

With all that you receive as a clubhouse (and even more as a complete clubhouse) member, the membership is a great value!

5. Homeschool art using chalk pastels is a simple, easy way to add more art to your day.

Chalk pastel lessons from You Are an Artist! are so short & require such few materials that you can easily add a lesson or two to your day. They are a great addition to your homeschool morning basket, a fun weekend pastime, or even something your kids can do on their own during a quiet time. There are even special poetry teatime lessons, which make a perfect addition to that wonderfully special time spent with your kids.

6. Make a connection with art and other subjects.

The You Are an Artist! Clubhouse Membership offers such a variety of lessons that you can easily find one that relates to your current studies. We love including chalk art lessons in our nature study topics each month.

For example, when we studied apples, we chose several related chalk art lessons. We painted caramel apples and did a lesson to go along with the book, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. We even enjoyed an Appleseed Adventures live event that not only included a chalk art lesson, but also a nature study class and SQUILT music event, which is one of the many perks of being a clubhouse member.

The I Drew It then I Knew It Maps lessons are a great way to include art in your geography. The Presidents lessons are perfect for a unit study of Presidents of the United States, perfect during an election year or president unit study.

boy using chalk pastels

7. The support and encouragement is amazing!

It is absolutely amazing how much support you receive with the chalk pastel lessons, especially as a member. First of all, Nana is very welcoming and encouraging in each lesson. My little four-year-old during a recent lesson looked at his paper and said, “Wow! This looks really great!”

The facebook group is also a wonderful place for support and encouragement. You are invited to share pictures of the children’s work in that group, as well as on Instagram, tagging them. Nana and her daughter, Tricia, who runs the site, often leave comments on how great the artwork looks. My kids light up and are amazed that Nana sees their paintings!

boy creating art picture

How We Use the You Are an Artist! Clubhouse Membership in Our Homeschool

In our homeschool, we try to do chalk lessons weekly, if not more often. That’s so easy to do with all the choices! Sometimes we’ll add the lessons to our morning time, then other days we’ll enjoy them in the afternoon.

We choose lessons that tie into our nature study topics, including apples, trees, and birds during our spring bird study. We have also enjoyed lessons that correspond to books we’ve read and that relate to history topics.

The I Drew It then I Knew It lessons will be perfect to extend learning as we cover inventors in science and the New Testament in religion. I was also delighted to see preschool lessons. My 4-year-old and I have been enjoying some quality time together doing these lessons as part of a homeschool preschool. He absolutely loves art, with chalk pastels being one of his favorite mediums, along with watercolor.

Just about every afternoon during our quiet time, my older boys bring chalk pastels and paper up to their rooms with their Chromebooks and do at least one lesson, but usually several. My oldest son has even started doing videos of himself creating his own chalk pastels lessons, just like Nana.

How Do You Get the Lessons?

Complete Clubhouse Membership - You ARE an Artist!

You have several choices when it comes to chalk pastels lessons, including free sample lessons you can find throughout the site.

The best value is in the complete clubhouse membership. You can’t beat getting to choose from all of the chalk pastel lessons available. Not to mention the live events you’ll get to attend, along with the other benefits I mentioned above. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually to fit your budget.

However, if you aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, or it’s not in your budget at this time, you can still enjoy chalk pastel lessons. The lessons are offered individually as well, which is perfect for choosing to complement homeschool studies, like nature study or history topics. The poetry teatime lessons are great for any family, whether you homeschool or not. If you only have little ones, then maybe easing into chalk pastels with the preschool lessons will work best for your family. You have so many choices at You Are an Artist!

Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels Is Easy & Fun

Chalk art lessons from You Are an Artist! are such a great way to spend time together as a family. Everyone who can hold a chalk pastel in their hand can participate. When you and your family want to enjoy a fun activity together, all you need to do is grab some chalk pastels, paper, and your clubhouse membership. Whether you are looking to add art to your homeschool day, or want your kids to express creativity and build their artistic skills after school or on weekends, the lessons from You Are an Artist! are a perfect addition to your home.

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