Help Your Child Learn to Read with HOMER Reading App

Your child will love learning phonics and sight words with the HOMER Reading app. This fantastic educational learning program helps children ages 2-8 learn to read.

Help Your Child Learn to Read with HOMER Reading App

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for HOMER . I received free access to the product and was compensated for my time. I am not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Do you find it hard to fit everything in as a homeschool mom? You have lessons to plan and kids to teach, errands to run, meals to prepare… The list goes on and on.

Not only that, but if you have younger kids, you also have to keep them occupied while trying to teach older kids, cook, clean, or even work from home. But the activities that your little ones choose to occupy their time can sometimes be quite a bit more destructive than what you’d choose for them yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep them entertained with something fun and educational while you’re busy?

That’s why I am so happy that I found HOMER Reading. Not only is it fun and engaging, but it’s also a great learn to read app for little ones.

boy playing game in HOMER Reading app

What is HOMER Reading?

HOMER Reading is an educational reading program for early learners. It promotes a love of learning in young children, motivating them to learn through lessons that include fun games and activities. The lessons are personalized to your child’s interests, age, and skill level. Not only that, but as your child’s skills build and grow, so do the lessons in the program. There are thousands of lessons on ABCs, phonics, sight words, and more in this program. Your child will not be bored when they use HOMER Reading!

How to Use HOMER Reading App

When I first set up my preschooler’s account, I was amazed at how personalized it was. I put in his age and then chose his interests. The list of choices included sports, bugs, animals, vehicles, fairy tales, how things work, and many more. I answered a few questions about his abilities so that a learning pathway could be created at his level.

I really appreciate that my child starts the app at his level, not some arbitrary level based on his age. I’m so glad that he can use the HOMER Reading program at a level that helps boost his confidence instead of frustrating him because it’s too difficult.

When he does the lessons, I never hear him cry out in frustration because he doesn’t understand or something is too hard for him. All I hear is him cheering because he got the answer right, or perhaps singing along to the songs. Those are a favorite of his, especially the Brachiosaurus dinosaur song!

I’ve been amazed at how quickly he has picked up information that he’s learned through this learn to read program. I’ve only just recently started working on letters with him, but thanks to the app, he already recognizes many of them. He’s learned them through the lessons in the HOMER Reading app at a pace that is comfortable for him.

boy playing game in HOMER Reading app

Benefits of HOMER Reading

  1. Safe, educational screen time
    • Screen time is not something my kids often get in our house. When they do get screen time, I prefer that it’s something educational instead of mindlessly flipping through TV channels. I only recently have begun allowing screen time for my preschooler. In the past, I focused on hands-on, screen-free learning activities for him. While I do still encourage those types of activities, I also realize the good that educational screen time can have for him.
    • However, I still want the screen time to be safe. With HOMER, I know that he will have a safe, ad free educational learning experience. It’s reassuring to know he’s safe even if he’s doing the activities away from me in his room.
  2. Grows with kids
    • The HOMER learn to read program grows with your child. With thousands of lessons to choose from, children will enjoy a variety of games and activities that will grow with them as their skills progress. It’s a good program to add to your preschool at home.
  3. Interest-led and engaging
    • HOMER Reading is personalized for your child. When you set up your child’s account, you can choose interests. These will then be used to design a program for your child, with the games and activities focusing on the things your child is interested in. When kids are interested, they are engaged and motivated. This motivation is what encourages them to try their best.
  4. One account for up to 4 kids
    • If you have several young children, you’ll love this feature! You can add up to four children on one account. Each child’s setting is set to individual interests and skill levels.
  5. Activity Center for printables
    • Not only is HOMER Reading a great online program, they also offer printables for all interests and ability levels in their activity center! My son is currently working on learning letters, so I can print off coloring pages for each letter and pages with letters to trace. Mazes and other activities are also options. All printables can be found under Write and Draw on the parent dashboard.

You can even start a free trial to see how much you and your child will love it. After the free trial, you can get a one-year membership at the back-to-school discount of $45.

boy watching story on HOMER learn to read app

Why I Love this Reading App

As a parent, I love that my son has a fun, interactive educational app that he can use when I am teaching his older brothers, during their afternoon quiet time, or when I need to work. I can let him take his tablet up to his room, trusting that he is safe using the ad free app. I love hearing the joy in his voice as he sings along to songs and nursery rhymes, or when he cheers because he figured out an answer. It’s reassuring that he’s working on developing important reading readiness skills, even when I can’t be the one there teaching him.

Why My Preschooler Loves HOMER Reading

As a preschooler and youngest of four, my son looks up to his older siblings. He gets so jealous that they use computers and tablets. So he loves the independence of being able to use the tablet for this app. Immediately he’ll go to either the songs or the brain games, with his favorites being sports games. He loves the music and animated characters. But what he loves most is that he can do it all by himself, like a big guy.

He bursts with pride when he shows me how to play the games and activities because he’s confident that he’ll get it right. The program is so encouraging when an incorrect answer is chosen that your child won’t get discouraged at all. They’ll feel motivated to try again for the right answer. This reading app is great for kids who are still developing reading readiness skills, yet still incredibly beneficial for early readers.

HOMER Reading Program Special

As a homeschool mom, you have a busy schedule teaching, cooking, cleaning, and maybe working from home. You don’t always have time to devote complete attention to your little ones. Luckily, educational apps, like HOMER Reading, help your young children learn in fun, engaging ways when you need activities to keep them busy. You’ll love that you can trust they are developing skills to help them read, even if you aren’t the one teaching them. They’ll love the interactive games and activities. It’s a win-win situation for you both.

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