Online Classical Music Classes Your Kids Will Love with Clap for Classics!

Your young children will learn music appreciation and enjoy singing and dancing in these online classical music classes from Clap for Classics!

Mommy, can I watch my music class?

Those are words I hear daily from my preschooler. I still get surprised when I hear them.

You see, my little guy has never been much of a music fan. He didn’t really like being sung to as a baby. He’s been known to tell his siblings to stop if they are singing or dancing. I’m not sure why, but he just really didn’t like music much.

Until now. Thanks to Clap for Classics!, my preschooler has become much more interested in music.

Clap for Classics! Online Classical Music Classes Kids Love

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I’m not quite sure why my youngest never took much to music. His older siblings love singing and dancing, as do I. I just let it go and figured he just wasn’t a music person.

However, then I found out about Clap for Classics! and jumped at the chance to give the music courses a try. I’m so glad I did! After just a couple of months of watching the lessons in various courses, he now loves singing and dancing as much as the rest of us.

Lately, I’ve even been catching my preschooler singing songs from his Clap for Classics! music courses to his stuffed animals.

What is Clap for Classics?

Clap for Classics! introduces children ages 0-6 to classical music through engaging, interactive songs, finger plays, and listening activities. They offer several online music courses in addition to a monthly music subscription that also includes weekly live classes through Zoom. Clap for Classics! was created by two sisters who are classically-trained musicians and moms.

The lessons for each course are short, with many of them under five minutes. This works very well for younger kids with shorter attention spans. However, there is also an option to watch a complete play-through of all of the videos. You can put this version on if your kids are older and can sit through a longer lesson. It’s also a great way to keep little ones busy while homeschooling older kids.

boy participating in music class

Clap for Classics! Has Online Classical Music Classes for You

Each of the musical course offerings through Clap for Classics! include many short, interactive music lessons. They are led by one of the two founders. Sometimes one or more of their young children join as well. Each video lesson also includes information for parents on any items you may want to prepare to further enhance the lesson, such as an egg shaker or puppet. Additionally, you’ll get tips on extending the lesson or adapting it to different ages. You’ll also know what your child is learning through each lesson.

Clap for Classics! Course Offerings

  • Nursery Rhyme Baby Time: The Nursery Rhyme Baby Time course is great for parents of babies ages 0-2. The sixteen lessons share a variety of nursery rhymes and how to involve your children while singing to them. This course is perfect for parents who would like to introduce their babies and toddlers to music, but aren’t sure how to involve them.
  • Peter and the Wolf Bundle: This bundle has two months’ worth of lessons with music from the fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf.” Not only are the interactive lessons engaging, but you’ll also find several bonus videos, a section on Meet the Instruments, plus many printables that go along with the course.
  • Carnival of the Animals Bundle: Three months of lessons containing classical music from Saint-Saens is included in this bundle. Each of these groups of lessons contain music about various animals with fun songs and listening activities. Also in this bundle are bonus videos about different instruments, counting songs in different languages, and printables for the course.
  • Monthly Music Subscription: The monthly subscription with live access has been my son’s favorite. Each month has a different theme, such as a trip around the world, winter, fairy tales and farms. Not only do you receive around 10-15 interactive lessons with the month’s course, but you also can attend a live Zoom class on Tuesday mornings. The class is fast-moving and lasts 30-60 minutes. With this option, you also receive all of the other great courses offered as long as you’re a member.
  • The Four Seasons: Music and More Preschool Curriculum: If you’d love access to great music along with amazing STEM, Art, and Poetry resources but you just can’t commit to a monthly membership, then the Four Seasons curriculum is perfect for you! This curriculum contains music video lessons for each season, along with poetry video lessons, STEM video lessons on fun experiments and activities, and art video lessons with projects. All of these lessons are geared toward and perfect for your little ones and you to enjoy together.

Course Offerings

boy watching music lesson

Clap for Classics! Monthly Music Subscription

My son’s favorite part of Clap for Classics! is the monthly music subscription. He especially enjoys the live weekly classes. The live classes take place on Tuesday mornings and usually last around 45 minutes. They are led by co-founder, Elizabeth, and include her daughter, Charlotte. My son loves seeing Charlotte and the other children attending the class on the computer screen. He refers to them as his friends.

These live classes inspire lots of movement and are quite engaging. My son loves hearing his name in the welcome song. The songs used are from the current month’s course. Many of the songs encourage parents to participate with the children, which makes for a fun Mommy and Me type atmosphere. These online music courses are perfect whether you are teaching preschool at home or your preschooler attends school.

In our family, we have a large age gap between my older three children and my youngest. So while my older three attended Mommy and Me classes and library story times, my youngest hasn’t done any of that. It’s difficult to fit in time for a preschooler to attend classes when you also need to homeschool several older children. Plus he’s still too young for the local art class that my older boys attend. I love that these live classes help my little guy feel like he’s a part of a group. He can participate in the live class at home, and my older kids can work on homeschool lessons.

boy enjoying live music lesson

Benefits of Online Classical Music Classes with Clap for Classics!

  • Short, interactive lessons that encourage movement; great for short attention spans
  • Option to watch a complete play-through of all course lessons
  • Promotes parent and child bonding in many of the lessons
  • Course lessons create a love of music
  • Introduces young children to beautiful music from classical musicians
  • Helps parents know what musical concepts to teach children
  • Printable resources help parents elaborate on lessons
  • Children learn about a variety of musical instruments
  • Convenient for busy families

Give Clap for Classics! a Try

You can try Clap for Classics! with a 5 Under 5 Musical Play Series sent to your email inbox. Sign up for FREE and you’ll receive 5 simple, engaging musical activities that are less than 5 minutes each, delivered right to your inbox.

When you’re looking for online classical music classes for your preschooler, look no further than Clap for Classics! Your little ones will love participating in wonderful lessons that introduce them to classical music, musicians, and instruments. You’ll love singing and dancing along with them and the parent-child bonding you’ll experience. Give Clap for Classics! a try and enjoy watching a love of music grow in your child.

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